The Benefits
Of Owning A HydroCaddy

Whether your enjoying an Icy cold cola, or your favorite canned micro-brew on the beach, river, lake, campground, golf course, or picnic in the park, the HydroCaddy will keep your canned beverage cold, carbonated, and sealed. The Hydrocaddy consists of a foam can-sized insulated cooler that comes with a detachable lid which fits most 10-20 oz beer, soda, energy drink, and tall boy cans. The lid is attached to a elastic loop that will stretch to fit the tall boy cans such as monster energy and Guinness.

The HydroCaddy will keep out the bees, river water, lake water, sand, dirt, ants, flys and anything else that might ruin that icy cold beverage on a hot summer day!

So put a lid on it and Welcome to the HydroCaddy Nation!

Made in USA and Assembled in Fraser, Colorado

US patent #D678,729

Fits Most Cans...
Energy Drink
Tall Boy

Keeps Them...

And Free of...
& More

A Cold Drink Without the Bugs, Sand and Water.

The Line-Up

12 Pack
The 24


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Fraser, Colorado
Home of the HydroCaddy

It might have been a cold day on the Fraser River or a scorcher on the Upper Colorado, but after years of our delightfully refreshing and hard earned river beverages being ruined by rapids, inattentive boat mates and creepy crawly-flying creatures, Rob & Potter decided enough was enough and the HydroCaddy was hatched. Your beverage stays cold in the can while the bugs, sand and dirt stay out.


Chicago area native that has made Fraser, CO his home for the last 20 years. Adventurer for life, lover all things in the form of H2O, skiing, rafting, kayaking, rivers, and beaches... Furniture designer by day, inventor by night...Always looking for a solution to a problem, thus the creation of the HydroCaddy

MEET Potter

Also known to many as EP or Macgyver. A Colorado native that spends every free moment enjoying our nations great rivers. Colorado inventor of the HydroCaddy, he is an avid boater, motorcycle enthusiast and creative thinker. He enjoys life to the fullest and long walks on the beach with his HydroCaddy in hand.

The Talk of the Town...

Hyrdrocaddy was the perfect solution for my river trips. No more water getting splashed into my beer and wasting an entire 6 pack. Even when hitting big rapids, if my drink gets knocked over, the lid fits securely and my beer stays full.
If you've ever been tubing down a river, you know the feeling of getting dirty water in a can. Tired of this dilemma, I reverted back to making mixed drinks in a water bottle. But thanks to Hyrdocaddy, I can float worry free with a beer in hand!
On our family trip to Cabo, we brought along HyrdoCaddy's to use. They kept the liquid in and the sand out. Best of all, the kids loved them, and we didn't have to worry about them knocking any of their drinks over.
HyrdoCaddy makes boat cleaning just that much easier after a day out on the lake. No more worrying about wiping up spilled drinks or hitting waves and your drink spilling all over the boat. Just pop the top on, and you're good to go!

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